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 The Plot
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Posted on: Oct 8 2016, 06:13 PM
Played by JB 27 years Courting NC
One step after the other, that's how you do it.

A succession of disappearances shakes up the town of Dershingham Vale. There are rumors of a strange, unidentifiable person that visits the same spot each night in Barrington Thicket, a forest located behind the Preston property. There they remain until dawn and seem to disappear completely and it has stirred up old legends about The Vale.

It seems that those who are not directly affected dismiss it as folly; and the ones who have a missing loved one seem to have their pleas for help fall on deaf ears as there have been no new leads since the last disappearance.

To find the culprit and bring them to justice, residents of Dershingham Vale must sift through lies and secrets and one constable is willing to solve this mystery even if it costs him his career and maybe even his life.

Will those that believe uncover the truth in time or will the become another Dershingham Vale legend?

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