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 The Rules
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Posted on: Oct 8 2016, 05:03 PM
Played by JB 27 years Courting NC
One step after the other, that's how you do it.

One: At DV everyone starts with an OOC account with your Alias. Once this is done please register your character in regular caps as First Last. Example: Mary Smith. Below are a few name generators you may use if you can't think of a name for your character.

Behind the Name, Random Name Generator, Fake Identity Generator

Two: There is no word count here on DV, just try to match or keep up with your thread partner. If this doesn't feel possible, no sweat! Let them know your thread is rapid fire.

Three: Please no drama outside of the threads.

Four: DV is rated Mature, however, if you are going to be threading, writing, or in any other way expressing mature content please indicate in the topic title with the appropriate labels: [w] , [tw], [m]

Five: As long as you are active, there is no character limit. Staff does reserve the right to ask you to drop characters if you are not posting with them.

Six: No spamming the chat box, but we do understand that sometimes it can't be helped!

Seven: Please, no nudity, gore, graphic violence, offensive text or anything similar for your images.

Eight: The avatar size is 250x400, the GIF is 100x100 and will resize, and please don't make the signature larger than 500x500. If someone makes you a signature or avatar, do not claim it as your own!

Nine:No advertising in chatbox or anywhere else, please!

Ten:Keep OOC and IC separate and treat each member with respect.

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