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 STOKER, Delphine Marie
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Posted on: Sep 1 2017, 06:27 PM
Played by Kat 21 years Single secret witch
I'm all dressed up and naked. I see what's mine and take it
Delphine Stoker
full name

Delphine Marie Stoker


Daughter of an Earl

relationship status


South Hams, Devonshire.
face claim

Natalie Dormer




discord: Kat#7575
other characters


All wickedness must have an origin, and usually those origins of true vices, of a true sinner, always begins in the early years of human life. For Delphine, it started the moment she was born, since she came two minutes before her brother, Patrick. The arrival of a girl to the Stoker family was almost a death sentence. There were no heirs to take the mantle of being Earl of Devonshire; the previous sons, which there were many, died one after the other.

The eldest, Henry, had caught syphilis at an obscenely young age of 18. At 22, it had taken him completely, once his sanity had been lost. His last words were: "Tell Richmond he's a cunt." The second born, George, didn't even reach his 15th birthday before he died from Cholera. He was found with his breeches down, his ass stuck in a pail of oats that was normally used for the horses. The third born, Richmond, was able to live long enough to watch his all brothers die, and celebrate the news of his 40-year-old mother becoming pregnant again. However, he died during her second trimester from a single bolt of lightning straight to the head. Just one bolt was seen that day, and not a single drop of rain. Finally, the fourth born, Edward, who had died at 12 years old. Ed was known for being a scamp of a child, and doing the exact opposite of what he's told to do. So when he was told "don't go near that horse", he, of course, did the complete opposite. Edward died from a brain hemorrhage from where the horse kicked him in the face. He died before his body hit against the wall of the barn.

So, as you see, another son was much needed, especially since it was a miracle that the Earl's wife was pregnant to begin with. She was forty, and her years of childbearing should have been behind her. This pregnancy seemed to be especially taxing, and the midwife had warned the family that it could take her life. So when a girl came out of her, it was like a slap in the face by the hand of God. For the countess, however, it was a relief. It seemed to her, her sons were cursed. Alas, she was not done, as moments later she was in labour once again, and that was when Patrick was born. His scream into the world was made as soon as his mother's last breath escaped her lips.

Patrick was immediately doted upon. The Earl made sure that his son, over his daughter, was getting far better care. While the son was an angel, it was Delphine who seemed to be an issue. Her wet nurse ended up were bruised breasts by the time she was brought out of breastfeeding.

The object of "mine" seemed inherited for Delphine, though it was something that was taught indirectly. Delphine was not spoiled, unlike Patrick. This distinction wasn't noticed until the time the twins were allowed to play with each other, which was 2 years old. Where Delphine had one nanny, Patrick had two. Where Delphine was gifted a new dress, Patrick was gifted two suits. Where Delphine had gotten a kitten, Patrick got 2 dogs. This pattern had continued, and the girl knew she was given an injustice.


Being a Christian meant that you must be charitable, humble, and meek. No, correction, all those traits are expected of the feminine sex. Delphine found this out on her 12th birthday. For the past eleven years, Delphine and Patrick's birthdays were together, though the heavily one-sided celebration was not lost on her. When the twins turned 12, it was decided that Delphine's birthday event would take place a month prior to her actual birthday. It was a modest gathering of girls her age; the guests were mostly women, save for a few of her father's friends and family members. It was small for what a normal birthday event should be for a noblewoman. Her gifts were much like many she would get every year: lots, of lots of dresses that she would outgrow, jewelry that was quaint and cute. Everything was pastel in colour, shades of white and beige from start to finish. It may have been the palate she was forced to grow up with, but it was nowhere near what she loved.

Delphine had not shown any gratitude for any half-assed thought gift given to her by her father, and this had not gone unnoticed. For her twelfth "birthday", he had given her a bible, to which she was instructed to read, and learn from. She did as she was told, not because she wanted to be obedient, but because she was intelligent enough to know that rejecting knowledge isn't going to help her become respected. That, and her governess made sure she read thirty pages a night.

Jesus preached humility; the bible was highly against pride and greed. It was two of the seven deadly sins, which Delphine's father was strongly guilty of. It became blindingly evident when her brother's official birthday gala took place, where he was gifted a gorgeous well-bred red stallion, among other things, such as a saber with a gold guard and a shiny tassel off the humle. Both of these things was what Delphine had always wanted. Not pastel dresses, flowers, shoes, and a boring book.

tw; gore, blood, sexual implications

During the night of the galla, where everyone was inside and enjoying the night festivities, Delphine had snuck out and went to the barn, where she shed her skirts and hoisted herself up on the stallion. Without direction, she took off with the horse and headed straight into the woods. With no direction, and raw anger beating in her heart, Delphine found herself in the belly of the woods, where even the moon was hard to see through the tangle of branches. She slowed the horse to a trot, and looked around, realizing her position. Once she came to terms with being lost, she stopped completely, and that was when she heard curious sounds coming from not too far away. Delphine nudged the horse in the direction slowly and silently, until she came to a clearly lit ablaze with candles and tortures. Candles were laid out in a circle, and on the trees were mounted flayed ram skulls. A basin of dark liquid laid on a stump, partially spilled on the floor where a dagger was left. Though all of that did not compare to what lay in the center of the circle, where a naked woman mounted on top of a man. They were both naked, the woman's hands coated in red as if she were wearing gloves. The man was barely alive, his eyes turned back into his head, and a deep cut was run down his breast.

The woman had locked eyes with Delphine through the thicket of foliage, and the girl found herself not frightened, nor disgusted. She was curious, and continued to watch until the man slipped out of the world of the living.

tl;dr- Delphine stole her brother's horse and rode into the forest where she found a witch in the middle of a sexual ritual involving a blood sacrifice.


There is no real middle ground between being a child and a woman in this era. Delphine was considered a woman the moment she had her first blood, which meant that her clock was ticking in order to find a suitable match. Additionally, she began to show in her assets, which had not gone unnoticed around men.

Ever since she had seen that woman -- that witch, that devil worshiper, that heathen -- in the woods, Delphine's world spiraled into a whole new direction. Twice a month, Delphine would walk into that wood once again, and found herself in the company of said woman, who didn't have a real name. She simply wanted to be called 'Woman', as if her birth name was cursed. The Woman had began to teach Delphine witchcraft, one that was heavily influenced by worshiping the King of Babylon: Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, the Horned God. Baphomet.

What she had learned from the Woman was vastly different than what she had been told to accept from the Bible. Hedonism was Delphine's birthright and calling. It excited her on many levels, whereas the Christian way had oppressed her desires, oppressed herself, simply because she was a woman. As a witch, she was able to not only indulge in all seven sins, she was allowed to take what she wanted.

What Delphine wanted was something grander than objects, and harder to take in her position. She wanted what her brother had: Respect, love, admiration, and favouritism. The only way she could obtain such a thing was to absolutely ruin him, and she did that in the most despicable means.

Delphine was seventeen, and so was he. They were both prime candidates to be married off, and Patrick was in nor short supply of bachelorettes wooing for his attentions. All he needed was to pick one. For Delphine, her options were limited to Barons, viscounts and those of the same status of her father, or even gentry with fine businesses. Delphine never wished marriage upon herself, and if she had, she would not settle for anything less than royalty, but she knew well enough that was far out of her reach. All the rituals she would do could not make a Duke or a Prince fall on their doorstep.

There were a lot of ingredients to Delphine's nefarious plan to seduce her brother. The Woman insured her that merely emphasising what she was born with would be enough to cast a spell on any man, but Delphine needed more than that. Patrick was her brother, after all, and he was a pious and religious man. An idiot, but he knew what the word of God has to say about incest. Charm bags were planted in his room, stuffed with her hair and her spit. Her perfume was in his room at all times, so he smelled her in his dreams. On Delphine's person she kept a pheromone pouch in her corset to entice him further. Rose quartz earrings and necklaces were worn to warm her aura and energy. Though it was the colour red, deep and bold, that she wore around him that made her a sin that was hard to resist. It was so unlike her usual colours, which made her stand out among the pastel-coloured women that he met during the Season.

Her efforts were not in vain. It had worked, but a little too well. Either the devil was on her side, and her magic charms worked, or her brother had little self control. He had been caught red-handed ripping open Delphine's bodice in the billiard room by their father himself.

The ramifications were not what Delphine had hoped for. Instead of blaming his son, he blamed his daughter for being too wildly. It was true, she had did it with intent, but the way he spoke to her, of her, made her believe that he would have said the same exact thing even if she was completely innocent. At the end of the day, the true nature of Patrick Stoker was exposed. Not even Delphine knew that her own twin brother was capable of such a carnal ferocity.

What happened between her and Patrick remained between them and their father. When asked why he would be sending his daughter away to his wife's cousin in Dershingham Vale, he simply said that it would help her find a husband, as well as other things a seventeen year old Lady of Devonshire should be learning.

The Dowager Marjorie Woodmore was Delphine maternal cousin, whom she had only met once, when she was four years old. The woman had struck Patrick in the back of the head when he tore off a rose in the garden, and to this day Delphine had not forgotten it. Lady Woodmore had two sons, both lived outside of the Vale, with their own respective families, and only visited their 65 year old mother once a year. The lonely woman was more than happy to take in Delphine as a foster daughter until it was time for her to marry.

Unfortunately for the Earl of Devonshire, Marjorie had no intention in changing Delphine. Both women were both similar in ways that were uncanny. Marjorie and Delphine were both of the same: witches. A secret that both have vowed to keep to their graves, and the truth of their lifestyle would only be unearthed a century later, when it was too late. But in Dershingham Vale, it was harder to keep secrets of that magnitude. Especially in a time like now.


Delphine is charismatic and enigmatic. She's risque for a woman in this time, or would be considered a woman a head of her time. While she can make friends and allies fairly easily from charm, it's mostly stemming from manipulation. For Delphine to see you as a true friend, she must see you as someone who is outside of the box. Once you actually become a true friend to Delphine, she is loyal to you. Unless, of course, your interests conflict with her own.


While a charming woman, her ideas and silver tongue does rub people the wrong way. Not to mention, some people are just keen enough to know that she isn't totally trustworthy, but can't quite put their finger on it. Most people who don't like Delphine, don't like her simply out of envy. She has a way with charming men, and while she makes sure there is no proof, is suspected of bedding many wedded men and ruining marriages and homes. Again, with no proof, this is merely rumour.


Delphine is a hedonist, which generally means that she indulges in her sexual urges. This isn't limited to men; she's been with women as many times as she's been with men, if not a little less. These lovers range from age, status, and wealth. If you intrigue her enough, she would probably want to sleep with you. This lifestyle is of course scandalous, and she knows that she cannot allow it to become common knowledge. So, if she takes precautions. Such as using blackmail, or using alcohol to impair memories, as well as other means to ensure silence and confidentiality.

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Posted on: Sep 3 2017, 02:07 AM
Played by JB 27 years Courting NC
One step after the other, that's how you do it.
After reviewing your application, everything looks great and we are very pleased to inform you that your character has been accepted here at Dershingham Vale. If you would please report to the claims area before posting anywhere else with your character, we would greatly appreciate it. Don't forget to introduce yourself while you're at it! Happy Roleplaying!

-The Staff

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Posted on: Sep 4 2017, 12:12 AM
Played by Megs 18 years Engaged Nobilitiy
Marg & Delphine


So, Margaret is new to town with quite a bit of rumors circulating about her family, which makes her trying to find acquaintances rather difficult. However, once upon a time Delphine was new to the town as well at like, the exact same age as Margaret is right now. So they have a bit in common, in that sense. I think Delphine could be a really bad influence on Marg which would be fun.

Anyway, my point. They should be "friends" by default. Both noble etc etc. Plus I love Delphine. <3


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Posted on: Sep 11 2017, 07:56 PM
Played by JB 19 years Single Dershingham Vale
nerissa && delphine
to be honest, nerissa doesn't know how to feel about delphine. she wouldn't be the type to pass judgement on her past, but would definitely be extremely cautious around her if she knows what's going on. i would say they would be civil to each other and could seriously enjoy talking about others a little bit and may do the subtle insult-type conversation every now and again, between each other but they wouldn't be too close.

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Posted on: Sep 17 2017, 06:09 PM
Played by Kai 28 years Single Queen of Shadows
"You can call me Queen Bee, and baby I'll Rule"
Ophelia & Delphine
Yes Yes Yes, I would love to have Delphine and Ophelia develope some sort of relationship. Whether that is as enemies or as close allies. Eli has been in The Vale since she was 16 and is now 28 so twelve years so im sure Delphine would know who she is as she is the wife of a very rich and well known man. I also agree that just by sharing glances they would know that they are both witches and that just a glance would be enough for them to understand at least that. Though Eli is not the most trusting witch, she hasnt had much experience with other witches yet and is self taught so she hasnt had a meaningful relationship with another witch. Though I would love for them to meet and have a close relationship, do rituals together and such. we should do this ASAP ^^
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