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 Never Said I'd Be Prepared, Oldham's Apothecary-OPEN
Gentry 22 Posts
Posted on: Sep 11 2017, 07:38 PM
Played by JB 33 years Single Wolverhampton, England
It had been a restless night for Dorian and it seemed the day wasn’t pulling any punches for him. After lying in his bed for hours on end thinking about all the happenings of the past couple of months, he took to the comforts of his library. This was a rare problem for him, not being able to sleep, and it bothered him. Figuring out why he was in such low spirits as well proved to be more problematic than he had ever imagined.

Dorian wasn't always smiling,or always giving compliments and praises to others, but to see him in this dreary state would no doubt frighten some of his acquaintances. He sat quietly on one of the plush chairs and stared into the flames as they roared to life in front of him. Usually a saunter around the second floor would give him time to think properly on his current situations, but it was not wise to walk the halls at night without waking others. Edgar settled on curling one of his long legs under him, while the other he pulled up to his chest and rested his chin on his knee in the warming room.

He wouldn’t bother with waking anyone, though he felt the need to talk to someone, anyone really. And waking his sister would be more than he could handle, for he was sure his mood had something to do with her. She had been visiting him for the past couple of days and had noticed her quiet, chastised demeanor. He hadn't brought it up but knew something was not right at all. Now that he looked back upon it, it seemed rather…silly of them both not to be able to express themselves fully, knowing full well that the other would understand completely.

That was the way they had always been, practically one mind. And as much as he hated to admit it, her pending marriage was starting to take a heavy toll on him, with Dorian being able to mask his true take on the matter very well, while she seemed to be unraveling before him. It made his chest tighten to see the haunted look in her eyes that sometimes accompanied her smile. He knew no way of really comforting her, for her marriage was going to happen whether they were prepared for it or not. It was all becoming too much for Dorian.

The sun slowly made its presence known to the thoughtful constable as it crept over his foot, warming his cool skin. How long had he been sitting there in that very same position? He couldn’t recall but the soft sound of his house rising from their slumber told him he had been there for too long. Making his way up to his room, he quietly gathered his things, not feeling the need to chirp a usual bubbly ‘Good Morning’ to his fellow staff, and stealing away to the bathroom. Oblivious to the curious eyes that followed him around the house.

Stoic blue-gray eyes gazed around the familiar trek of the second floor path that he took to when he was feeling rather thoughtful or irritated. It was often calm and there was no one to interrupt. He could walk without being bothered and it gave him a moment to himself to think.

With hands crossed firmly behind his back, Dorian took slow, lazy strides down the hall. He wondered if this was actually going to help him today and if it did, he hoped it didn’t take long.

He was right. It didn't take long at all before he decided he needed to head into town. Dorian had been putting off this particular conversation with the town doctor for far too long. There had been so much going on that every time he though about speaking with him, it slipped his mind as other things became more important.

Hearing the ding of the bell as he waltzed into Oldham's Apothecary in town an hour later, Dorian searched for Dr. Hart. Not finding him, he looked to one of the assistants.

"Is the good doctor in yet?" He questioned, moving slightly towards him and quirking a brow.

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