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Posted on: Sep 18 2017, 11:07 PM
Played by JB 27 years Courting NC
One step after the other, that's how you do it.
face claim
Here we have our canons for the site. We definitely want these characters on our board because they move the plot forward quite a bit. You can reserve canons for one week only and then it will be open again for others. All first names are negotiable and some faces as well.
a * c

Bloxham, Errole // Professor // Ian McKellan
At first glance, Errole looks very unapproachable. This professor's quite the intimidating figure if rubbed the wrong way, but he acts surprisingly different from how he's presented. With a soft but deep melodious voice that he never raises in anger, he commands every ear instantly, which makes it easier for him to conduct his class and to be the very persuasive man that he is.

He is in his late sixties to early seventies and is going strong. Errole holds himself tall and proper, with a distinguished and confident gait. Even with his height and weight, he moves silently and at a leisurely pace, almost as if he's gliding more than actually walking. One may not know he's there until he's right next to, in front of, or behind.

Errole has no patience for stupidity or for slackers, his quick temper rises to the occasion when he's faced with such actions. Students have been given the opportunity to advance themselves and they should not waste it or his time. Not only does this reflect on his students, it also reflects on him as a teacher and one thing that he wants every pupil to learn from him is good work ethic.

He has lived in Dershingham Vale most of his life and it holds a special place in his heart. At times, he can become offended with those that move to the town that don't seem to exactly 'fit' his standard of living and he has no qualms with speaking this to those that will listen and has many friends in high places that are listening as well.

d * f

g * i

Hart, Richard // Town Doctor // Aidan Turner
Richard Hart, like his wife Eleanora, comes from Essex. Unlike Eleanora, he was not content to stay there but brought her to Dershingham. The reason he decided to go there is up to you, as is most of his history and even how he feels about Eleanora. She loves him deeply, but in a very quiet way, and he may not realize that she cares so much about him, or even that she cares about him at all.

j * l


Nowell, Claude // Watchman // Henry Simmons
Nowell's size is bound to make an impression on anyone who so much as glances in his direction; he is as heavy set as he is tall, and though he is not above using that size to intimidate those he dislikes, he spends the majority of his time in the background. Unfortunately, he's still remarkably visible.

Despite his size, Nowell is not an overtly aggressive man. He is not easily angered, unless the subject at hand is thieving filth, and he has amazing patience and attention to detail. He prefers physicality, but is surprisingly intelligent when he bothers to interact with others. Most of his colleagues see him as anti-social, and he is; people and their banal ritualistic behaviors annoy him, and he avoids them at all costs. The exceptions he makes to his anti-social preferences are rare and careful.

Nowell is a brute. He is intelligent, yes, but rather disinterested in the political refinement of his colleagues. He is also stubborn, surprisingly narrow-minded for an educated man, and easily wounded in terms of his pride. Tradition, family, and his zealotry for his idealism easily blind his normally strict moral and ethical values, and he has an amazing capacity for dispassionate cruelty if he feels justified by those who can easily manipulate him (particularly women, and particularly his wife).


Preston, Charles and Edward // Harry Lloyd
they are sixteen or seventeen years old and very high strung. they do not need to be identical.

fun, wild, and incredibly charming. there is nothing suspicious about these two except when one begins to dig deeper. on the outside, they simply look like two of the more eligible bachelors in the county, which would not be a lie. they are sought after, but their life is much better enjoyed not being tied down to any one woman. (this will eventually have to change).

however, a rumor started in london about the two of them after a girl saw them enter a brothel, which later that night a prostitute was taken from and murdered in an alley way. fortunately for them, the gossip didn't go up like wild fire, but the murmurs still existed. most dismissed it for folly, but there are a few that have begun to look at the twins in a different light. it is entirely up to the creator if the twins had anything to do with the death of the woman or if they are up to anything shady. the entire family, aside from francis, is seen as off and every single one of them had some kind of dark secret.

the relationship between the twins and marg has always been a good one, if not a tad indifferent. they tend to stay out of each other's way, but can be quite jolly when they are together.

Preston, Francis // Hugh Bonneville
francis preston is of noble birth and standing. he is in his late thirties or early forties, which ever you prefer. out of the family he is considered the sensible one and is more down to earth than what would be expected of a man of his status. however, his easy going nature is part of the reason that whatever his wife decides is what goes. he has problems putting his foot down because he is so eager to please his family. however, this dynamic can be tweaked by whoever takes francis or mary.

Preston, Mary // Jessica Chastain
mary preston is the daughter of some highborn noble. the details regarding her birth are up to you, but she should be the daughter or a noble or a very wealthy gentleman. she is in her early to mid thirties.

personality wise, mary is incredibly charming but she is also quite intimidating. her mannerisms are well taught, but there is always something lurking, as if she always has a motive. she is frivolous with money and doesn't see anything wrong with overspending. she is incredibly stubborn and essentially runs the household, despite her husband's wishes that she loosen the reigns a bit. additionally, she is not overly showy of her emotions. mary is described as seeming content and calm at all times, but this is not so. she is quick to temper and is often rather spiteful. (this is all optional).



West, Edward // Parish Priest // Eddie Redmayne
Ned's probably in his mid-thirties. he's described as a beanpole of a man in Molly's app, so it'd be best like for him to be someone skinny and hopefully serious-looking.

Edward West, called Ned by his wife Molly, is a bookish man eager to share his knowledge with the world, but Dershingham Vale is a decent enough start. In another life, he could have been a scholar at a great university, but growing up poor in a small town meant there weren't as many books as he would have liked. He wound up befriending the priest who served before him, and from there his interest was turned toward religion. He is a devout man, which made his choice of wife all the more strange.

The story of how he and Molly met and fell in love is in Molly's app, but the short version is that the two of them are a study in contrasts. Molly is a strong-minded midwife who believes that women ought not be subservient to their husbands, and she has no interest in further educating herself. Something about her drew Ned in, and the two of them couldn't be happier with each other.

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