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 A Day Like Today, Berwick Upon Tweed-OPEN
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Posted on: Sep 11 2017, 07:42 PM
Played by JB 19 years Single Dershingham Vale
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Nerissa glided down the staircase of her home and towards the front door, calling out her departure to her mother before it closed shut behind her a few seconds later. Today she was having an outing with her father, one of those father-daughter discussion sessions they hadn’t had much time for in the past year. Usually they would have each day planned in advance, but Rolande had been much too busy to do such things with his favorite daughter as of late. She couldn’t rightly blame him for why that was so, his work was a bit more demanding now that certain things had occurred. But she was more than excited to have this date with him, she certainly missed it.

At these appointments, there wasn’t much eating. The whole point of it was to spend time together and talk about what had been going on with them lately. Being that he was always off at work and that she and her sister were off at random events, it seemed appropriate to have a time set aside to do other things besides work. But before she had to meet Rolande, Nerissa had other things to attend to.

For the past couple of weeks, she had been eyeing fabric in a storefront for a dress she wanted her mother to help her make. It had the bright colors of her mother’s favorites (which would please her to no end) and it would be something wonderful to go out in. Nerissa made sure she had quite a bit of time on her hands before she met with her father, just in case she decided to wander off for a while.

Once she’d made it into town and to the first clothier with the fabric she wanted, she browsed around a little more. Once satisfied with her purchase, she took a seat on a stone bench just outside of the store to look over her purchase once more, thinking of what she wanted to do next. Most likely she would find herself browsing through another clothier to see what they had. It had been some time since she'd visited Berwick Upon Tweed and it was high time to stop by.

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