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 till death, Henry Williams* romance plot!
Nobles 11 Posts
Posted on: Sep 4 2017, 01:46 AM
Played by Megs 18 years Engaged Nobilitiy
henry williams* 20-30 years of age. fiance.
This is Henry Williams*. His name is negotiable, as are many other things! Though, I do have a bit of an idea for this character that I'd like to see played out. Firstly, Henry should be of Noble birth. This means he should be a Duke, Baron, or an Earl. This is preferred, though I wouldn't say no to a wealthy gentleman either.

So, I stated in my application for Margaret that she has not yet met Henry. I'd like for this to remain true, however, I'd love for him to move to Dershingham Vale or visit quite often. For me, this would begin the courting process that should have happened already, but didn't. I stated that Henry made an offer of marriage to Marg without even knowing her, which makes the assumption that he believes her family very rich and is desirous of the benefits that would come with marrying into a family such as theirs.

I don't want them to wholly get along. I'm looking for a power struggle between the two. As they are not yet married, Marg is going to be insistent that she be able to keep the social life she would have as a single woman. Especially since he never made any intention of engaging with her previously. I also want tension between Henry's sister and Marg, the reasoning behind this I will leave up to you or the person that takes the sibling. But you guys can get as crazy as you want, have fun with it.

I don't have long term goals for these two, I want to play out how this engagement will go. If we think its best for them to marry in due time, they will, if we have more fun making them suffer we can do that as well. Perhaps we will decide to get really scandalous and break off the marriage! Who knows! What you should know is that Marg is not as sweet as she appears, there is a bit of a crazy streak that runs in her family and I'm hoping that Henry will have some "intriguing" personality traits as well.

The large age available is that way for a reason! I'm open to so many things with this. If you have a good idea just tell me!

Face-claims: Ben Barnes (as pictured), Tom Hughes, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender.

OOC 1 Posts
Posted on: Sep 9 2017, 07:47 PM
Played by Gwen 20 years Single Anthropologist
Hello there! I'm the guestie from the cbox, and I would absolutely adore to take Mister Henry - although I may play with other name options, if that's alright! I'd love to use Tom Hiddleston, and I'm just incredibly excited that this plot exists. Here's to hoping to write with you!!
OOC 4 Posts
Posted on: Sep 9 2017, 07:53 PM
Played by Megs 24 years Single Lurker
*light of the seven*
Hello! Please explore all the name options that tickle your fancy! His name is simply a place holder! And I'd love for him to be portrayed by Tom Hiddleston! If you want to chat details feel free to pm me or catch me on discord at: megs#5674

I'm so exxcited!!!
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